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Direct Vent Conversion Kit - (T-Kjr)

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3D Printing Services

We now offer 3D printing and design services - for everyone.


  • No job is too big or too small
  • You provide the design or contract us to design it for you
  • Prototypes or functional pieces
  • One piece or one thousand pieces




Separate from, but complimentary to, our traditional business...
Our low-cost printing services are available to anyone and everyone.  We have printed parts for both global manufacturing firms and individuals; no matter the size of the job we provide the same exceptional service and support.


Contact us today to request a no obligation quote or to learn more about our capabilities.
For pricing or more information complete our 3D Printing Request Form here.


Do not hesitate to reach out.  Our pricing is very competitive and there is no obligation.
1-855-382-6349 - Ask for Jordan
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Our 3D printing capabilites include CAD design (from scratch or refinement) FDM (fused deposition) & MJP (multi-jet) printing, as well as sourcing of complex or high production parts.

Learn more about our printers and technologies.

MJP is ideal for prototypes, display models, concepts, miniatures, N, HO and other train models, and many other uses.
FDM is ideal for low-cost prototypes, engineering models and fixtures, and consumer products.


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