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Direct Vent Conversion Kit - (T-Kjr)

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Demonstration & Test Facilities

Engman-Taylor’s Demonstration and Test Facilities allow you to see and test solutions before they are implemented an advantage that many competitors simply can’t offer.Our state-of-the-art facilities support assembly, material handling, cutting tool, metrology and all capital equipment applications for our customers.Because of ETCO’s Demonstration and Test Facilities, you can be confident that our solutions will succeed at your manufacturing facility.   ETCO Demonstration and Test Facilities
Material Handling Center   Material Handling & Assembly Center
Take advantage of hands-on testing with products for Joint Analysis, Power Tool Repair, Calibration, Ergonomic Solutions and Engineered Material Handling Systems.


Hydraulics Testing Center   Hydraulics Test & Service Center
Experience products used for repairs & modifications, circuit design, workholding and lifting.


Metalworking Fluids Facility   Metalworking Fluids Test Lab
A complete in-house test and analysis lab for metalworking fluids allows us to quickly provide feedback after analysis of your metalworking fluid samples. Capabilities include: Bacteria, PH, Alkaline, Solids and Coolant Concentrations.


Metrology Lab   Metrology Lab and Demonstration Area
A complete demonstration and test center equipped with the latest hardware and software for Tool Preset, Balancing, Measuring and Shrink Fit assembly.