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Who is Engman-Taylor?

Engman-Taylor (ET) is a distributor of industrial, commercial and institutional supplies, services, and support. We are a brick-and-mortar business with locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and North Carolina. We pride ourselves on providing solutions and technical support, not just products. If you have any questions, on anything at all, please call us: 800-236-1975 .

Our online catalog features only a portion of items and suppliers that we represent. We have access to thousands of suppliers and millions of items. If you do not find what you are looking for online please feel free to contact us directly. We will do everything we can to source your item and provide it at a competitive price.

Call us Monday through Friday from 7:30am-5pm: 800-236-1975

Email anytime: requests@engman-taylor.com (we'll get back to you as fast as we possibly can)

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial or Retail? - Are you a company (Commercial) or individual (Retail)?

  1. Commercial Accounts require a PO # at checkout, Retail does not. We recommend selecting Retail for your first order when paying with a credit card.
  2. Commercial Customers cannot add new Shipping Addresses, Retail can. (Commercial users can contact Engman-Taylor to add new Shipping Addresses.)
  3. Commercial Accounts Typically have a Company/Business name, Retail Accounts may or may not.

Fraud- all orders are checked both electronically and manually.  While we do everything possible to avoid delays we will hold or cancel orders that appear to be fraudulent.  Orders found to be fraudulent are reported to the credit card company and governing agencies.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Items not showing a price- may require a quotation or may need to be added to the warehouse in your area. Please contact us and we will provide current pricing.

Items not showing availability- may be in stock in another warehouse. We have warehousing in several locations and can often have your item shipped same or next day.

Freight charges- Whenever possible we ship Free Freight or Flat Rate; some items however are just too freight intensive. Flat rate is typically $8 for small items. These items are shipped Best Way, your preferred carrier or lowest cost. We consolidate shipments and rate shop in order to provide you with the most economical method. Contact us for special requests or questions.

Taxes- taxes will always show online (unless you are an existing customer with a tax exempt account). When the order is reviewed we will determine whether or not taxes should be added or removed. You will only be charged tax if you should be.

Minimum Order- We have no minimum order amount. Please remember shipping charges when ordering; it may be worthwhile to purchase additional items to justify shipping charges. Occasionally we do not have enough stock on-hand and our supplier may have a minimum requirement. While we usually won't ask you to buy more there may be a delay in getting you your products.

Obsolete Items- Occasionally a supplier will obsolete an item. When given adequate notice we will remove these from our website. In the event you place an order for an item that is obsolete we will notify you and may offer an equal or better quality item. If you prefer a refund we will gladly do so.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pictures may not be of exact item.

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