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At Engman-Taylor Company, we have a very simple philosophy when it comes to integrated supply: We strive to be a valued partner to all of our customers. Our obligation, as a integrated supplier to world class manufacturers, is to perform in accordance with world class industrial distribution standards. These standards include supplying our customers defect-free products through a channel that is enhanced with timely delivery, superior technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and an unparalleled array of value-added integrated supply services.

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Our Three Part Focus Synchronizes The Elements Of Your Business With Our Cost Circles Program®

Engman-Taylor's Cost Circles™ philosophy is the foundation for all of our cost saving successes. We believe that by focusing on all three main elements of your business, we are able to provide maximum impact to your bottom line.

Our award-winning Integrated Supply Model addresses three separate but related areas that determine your level of financial success:

  • Administrative Costs
  • Price
  • Manufacturing Costs

To learn more, download a PDF here: Cost Circles Program Overview

Reducing cost in one area is good, reducing in two areas is better, but attacking all three areas - simultaneously - is best. Engman-Taylor (ET) defines, prioritizes and attacks all three areas. Our synergistic approach produces savings that reduce costs everywhere, rather than in singular isolated areas.

While some integrated suppliers address administrative costs, price is often hidden. We constantly measure ourselves, and report the results, to assure that we are providing the best "tool" at the best price. The results are tangible dollars that you can add to your bottom line.

ET also addresses manufacturing productivity via a cost measurement focus that captures all manufacturing costs (except for raw material). This approach facilitates long-term cost reductions, as well as maximum productivity and throughput. All aspects of manufacturing are addressed including: assembly, production, automation, inspection, inventory control, turn-key systems, and more.

Three Steps to a Successful Implementation:

Step 1:  Cost Analysis and Assessment
Step 2:  Implementation
Step 3:  Reporting On Results

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The Engman-Taylor Difference = Real Cost Savings!

INTEGRATED SUPPLY ADMINISTRATIVE IMPROVEMENTS Let us show you how to take control of your budget, order processing, and other administrative functions with the best processes and tools available. Learn more about CC$T

INTEGRATED SUPPLY CASH FLOW IMPROVEMENTS Controlling inventory, invoicing, and billing are key components to cash flow improvements. We'll streamline your processes so that you'll save time-and money.

INTEGRATED SUPPLY EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTS Let technology work for you! We'll show you how the right hardware and software solutions will lead to major efficiency improvements that can increase your bottom line. Learn more about our inventory control programs

INTEGRATED SUPPLY LOGISTICS IMPROVEMENTS Keep your business running smoothly by organizing workflow components in the best possible ways. Our award-winning staff members can help implement solutions for your business’s unique situation.

INTEGRATED SUPPLY TECHNICAL & MANUFACTURING IMPROVEMENTS Your tools and equipment form the foundation of your business. We'll help you manage these assets so that they can be even more valuable to you.

INTEGRATED SUPPLY QUALITY & CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Don't ever settle for the status quo. Let us show you how process improvements, training, and other areas can reap benefits for your business. With a significant investment into our facilities, we have many opportunities to demonstrate our capabilities and products. View our Demonstration and Test Facilities

INTEGRATED SUPPLY DOCUMENTATION Documentation of processes, process improvement, cost savings and cost avoidance documentation, via CODEX, a software package that we built. After we show you the best documentation techniques, you'll feel confident that your information is secure. CODEX Implementation

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