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Inventory Control



Engman-Taylor offers several levels of inventory control systems.  From our entry level ET Replenish Scan to a full-blown world class inventory control system we have what it takes to assist you in running a first class manufacturing facility, tool crib, or a simple free issue cabinet.


ET Replenish Scan:


  • Scanner controlled, customer directed inventory control
  • Controls 1 – 1000 items
  • Simple to use
  • Little or no cost for customer

Perfect for Point of Use or Free Issue cabinets
Orders are sent via EDI direct to our warehouse(s)

Let us manage your cabinets without worrying about order points or overstocked locations.


Contact us about our inventory control system today to learn how we might be able to reduce your overall costs related to repetitive ordering.



Tool Dispensing   ET Inventory Control Tool Dispensing Station:


  • Completely controlled – Secure Crib
  • Controls up to 60 items
  • Simple to use
  • No hidden costs
  • Eliminate your transactional costs
  • Perfect for Point of Use
  • Customer established order points
  • Instant notification of critical inventory levels
  • Orders are sent via EDI direct to our warehouse(s)

Contact us about our inventory control systems today to see if you qualify, and discover how our low cost solution may benefit your manufacturing operations.



CribMaster Complete Inventory Control:


  • World Class inventory control software
  • Bar code scanners and capabilites
  • Complete hardware solutions (Vending, Cabinets, Vertical Shuttles, & More)
  • Toolcrib, Store Room, or Shop Floor inventory control
  • Single Tool Crib to Global Operations
  • Track durable and serialized items
  • Complete purchasing inventory control
  • Preventive Maintenance


Contact one of our full-time CribMaster technicians today!

Engman-Taylor, a pioneer in dispensing technologies, has been installing and supporting indirect material dispensing technologies for more than 20 years.  Engman-Taylor was the very first CribMaster distributor, remains one of the largest, and has representation on their Distributor Advisory Board.  Many new technologies and processes have been developed as a result of our long-term relationship.


 Learn more about CribMaster Vending Solutions:

Contact us for more information about our inventory control system, or to arrange a demonstration of CribMaster Inventory Control Software.

  Cribmaster Accu-Port Radio Frequency Identification Dispensing System (RFID)


  • Features include:
  • Full power of CribMaster as described on previous page, PLUS…
  • Fully automates crib
  • Tracks issues and receipts as people walk in and out
  • Identifies personnel with RFID chips or bar-coded badges
  • Identifies items with RFID chips
  • In conjunction with ET-consigned inventory, cage, and racking, provides TURNKEY, NO COST CRIB to larger users
  • Portal, Scanner, and Cabinet Systems available

CribMaster offers several RFID solutions sized for every application.  We can cover everything from a single cabinet, for FOD control or tracking critical items to an entire tool crib or manufacturing facility.


Learn more about CribMaster Solutions:

Contact us about our inventory control systems, or for more information on any of ETCO’s cost-saving services.


CribMaster WeighStation:


  • Controls inventory consumption
  • Eliminates wasted time searching for supplies
  • Reduces mission-critical stock-outs
  • Easy dispensing, tracking, and replenishment of high-use inventory, bench stock, or bulk items
  • No repackaging or tagging required
  • Simple touch screen interface provides non-intrusive access
  • Cutting Tools, Power Tools, Guages, Safety, Abrasives, Welding Supplies, and More
  • Preventive Maintenance


Contact one of our full-time CribMaster technicians today!

The WeighStation paired with CribMaster software provides an effective solution for completely passive issue of your high-use supplies with total accountability. Utilizing precise weight-sensing technology, the WeighStation removes productivity barriers and allows authorized employees 24/7 access to their high-volume inventory in one location at the point of use. There is no inventory to scan or transactions to log. Transactions are automatically recorded when inventory is removed from the bin based on the amount of weight that was removed. The customizable shelf placement provides the flexibility and ample storage space to house various sized inventory in your choice of a single or double cabinet configuration. Now available with clear pull-out shelves providing greater visibility of your stored inventory and giving your employees easy access to the entire cabinet.


 Learn more about CribMaster Vending Solutions:

Contact us for more information about our inventory control system, or to arrange a demonstration of CribMaster Inventory Control Software.


  • Download / View the complete inventory control CribMaster catalog (approx 2MB)


Contact Engman-Taylor for assistance or for more information on our inventory control programs.