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e-Taylored Tool Optimization Services

Engman-Taylor now offers a complete array of Tool Optimization Services (TOS); tool shrink fitting (heat shrinking), tool balancing, tool presetting and complete tool package kitting. Learn more about our Tool Optimization Service by downloading this helpful guide.

Ensure Accuracy and Obtain the Best Possible Performance

Engman-Taylor’s CNC Tool Optimization Services are essential for increasing the productivity of your tools and staying competitive in today’s demanding marketplace. Realize cutting edge benefits on your CNC machines resulting in less downtime, greater productivity, and a higher quality product.

We pride ourselves in providing strong technical service through a highly trained staff of professionals, all striving to find the best solutions for your needs.

Tool Optimization Services

Tool Balancing

Tool Balancing

Maximize your machine capacity with high-precision balancing. Balanced tool assemblies can improve surface finish, allow for increased speeds & feeds, improve cutting edge life, and reduce wear and tear on the machine tool.

Balanced tools offer better dimensional repeatabilities to ensure better quality in your production process.

Shrink Fitting

CNC Tool Shrink Fitting

This process produces the best tooling connection of two or more components by heating or cooling them, taking advantage of thermal expansion/contraction, and making a tight fitting assembly. Shrink fitted tool assemblies decrease runout, increase rigidity and allow for increased cutting speeds. Manufacturing times can be reduced while maintaining the high quality and accuracy that will set you apart from your competitors.

Tool Presetting

Tool Presetting

Featuring state-of-the-art non-contact tool presetters.

Engman-Taylor’s process reduces spindle downtime as we preset your tools offline. Since balancing provides reliable repeatability, presetting becomes important to ensure conformance to nominal dimensions. We can preset new tool assemblies, tool packages, or assist you when additional capacity is needed.

Spindle Check

Spindle Check - Know your machine. Know your spindle. Know your process.

Spindle performance also plays a major role in part quality and in lost machine time due to failure; why wouldn’t you measure that too? Now you can. SpindleCheck is available as a service or as a complete system. Know Your Spindle - Download the complete guide today.

Tool Optimization

Optimize with Us or Purchase Your Own Equipment

Optimize with us now. If you decide to later optimize your own tools, all equipment and tooling described herein, and training, is available for purchase.

Demonstration Area

Complete Demonstration Area

A complete demonstration and test center equipped with the latest hardware and software for tool optimization, tool failure analysis and product performance testing.

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