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Marking Machines for Product Identification & Traceability

SCHMIDT has a comprehensive range of marking systems that provide identification and traceability for your parts, products, and containers. We design and manufacture laser marking systems, dot peen pin marking machines as well as traditional marking equipment. We sell a line of handheld inkjet printers that offer complete portable coding for a wide array of applications. By delivering the ideal technology for each unique marking application, we improve processes and profitability for our customers. Let us help you leave a lasting mark.

Laser Marking Systems

SCHMIDT manufactures class 1 certified laser marking systems and class IV open environment laser components for marking part identification and product traceability information such as serial numbers, date codes, 2D data matrix, barcodes, manufacturing codes, material flow, graphics, logos, and more.

Our laser marking systems are available in standard in stock models or can be custom built to your part size and application needs.

Pin Marking (Dot Peen, Stylus) Machines

Pin Marking, also referred to as Stylus and Dot Peen marking, is an electro-mechanically controlled carbide or diamond tip assembly that strikes the surface of a part in a succession of dots to create a permanent mark. SCHMIDT manufactures the Styliner® series of dot peen pin marking machines.

Styliner® machines are available as column mounted benchtop systems, portable hand-held units, or separate marking heads for in line integration or automation.

Handheld Inkjet Printing

The next generation of portable ink-jet technology for large character and multi line coding.

Nameplate Marking Manual Detail Presses

SCHMIDT manufactures two manual tag marking machine presses, the Model 4 and Model 6, for stamping into name plates, metal tags, dog tags and ID tags.

SCHMIDT's Model 4 and Model 6 name plate detail presses mark evenly spaced letters and numbers that are accurately aligned and uniformly deep.

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